Welcome back guys,

If you’ve stuck with me since 2015 when I started this little space on the internet, you know that I like to keep things light and happy… even when it comes to topics such as obtaining visas, which – let’s admit – is outrageously boring yet nerve wracking.

BUT.. but, things have changed now.

In 2015 we had the good ol’ Obama’s in the house and we all thought things were going to be okay, I mean, surely things would only go uphill from then on? Right? NO.

Trump took over the White House not too long ago and let me just say, for minorities such as myself, it hasn’t been easy. So, I want to get a bit more serious. I want to be serious because within just the last few months it has been a roller coaster – I have been yelled at by racists on the street, I’ve had to fear for myself and my friends safety, I slept in fear of being separated from my family, and I’ve lost loved ones.

From now on, this section of my little haven on the internet will be dedicated to political pieces, whatever that may be. I’ll still be keeping things light but I want you guys to see and experience things through my eyes. I want to focus on talking to you about what living under the Trump administration as a minority, non-citizen immigrant FEELS like rather than just what it LOOKS like.

If you’ve met me in person, you know that I’m definitely a Nate Silver kinda girl – his blog, FiveThirtyEight is my shit (just in case you didn’t know, Nate Silver is a data journalist & blogger among other things). I’ll be referencing him quite often and take inspiration from him but I won’t try to BE him in any way. It’s Nate Silver… no one can be Nate Silver except Nate Silver and let’s be real – no matter how many cute little interactive maps I make on Carto or Tableau, I’ll never be as smart as him.

I’ll still talk to you the same way I always have, I like to keep things light and you guys know this by now. To be honest, I can’t take anything seriously for more than a couple minutes at a time… here, I’ll make you a promise. I’ll aim to retain a Caroline Calloway-esque sense of humor at all times. If you don’t know who that is, first of all, where the hell have you been? Second, she’s a lifestyle blogger at Cambridge University.

So there you go. See me as your way less intelligent Nate Silver with a Caroline Calloway sense of humor, friend.

And… off we go.