Equal rights and opportunities for woman and men.

Sounds good right?

Of course it does. And if it were as straight forward as that, I’m sure most of us would be identifying as feminists. But the problem is that it ISN’T as straight forward as that. I’ve always called myself a feminist, I’ve always believed in women & men coming together to fight for equal rights. Recently, some things have changed that made me feel conflicted when speaking about feminism … hear me out.

When you think of feminist icons who do you think of?

If you thought of Emma Watson, Taylor Swift & any of her minions or Lena Dunham, that’s exactly the problem I want to address.

When’s the last time you saw a famous feminist icon with the same platform as Emma & Taylor who was black? Asian? Hispanic? Struggling to think of someone? That’s what’s wrong with feminism today.

Minority women have been excluded from this new wave of feminism. White feminists try to speak on behalf of us instead of including us, claiming that they stand for equality for all… then they turn around and appropriate different cultures and refuse to stand up for minorities: Gigi Hadid mocking Asian eyes & and wearing an afro wig in a photoshoot, Karlie Kloss’s kimono photo shoot, Emma Stone playing a Hawaiian woman in the film – Aloha, and Scarlett Johansson playing a Japanese woman inĀ Ghost in the Shell, and Taylor Swift refusing to comment on Trump’s racist comments.

During the nationwide anti-Trump woman’s march across the U.S. in February, many woman were angered that Black Lives Matter supporters showed up to the march demanding racial equality.

Just last week, I was asked last minute to be interviewed in a video about intersectional feminism by a fellow student. When I showed up, I looked around the room and saw the other female students being interviewed and I could feel my heart sink to the floor. My hands and feet went cold… I was angry and heartbroken at the same time…. because I saw that I was the only person of colour included in this video. For the next 20 minutes I had to grit my teeth and hold the tears back as I listened to one white girl after another, telling me what racism feels like, as they told me that when it comes to feminism, race needs to be ignored so we can all come together as WOMEN.

Let me tell you what the problem with this new wave of feminism is…

A girl who writes an angry post on Facebook about how she was sent home because she showed up to school wearing a light white shirt and no bra will get endless sympathy; her post will go viral.

An innocent black woman who was raped in a New York jail cell and shot will never get the media’s attention. And IF it does go viral, people will argue about how the woman must have acted in a violent manner to deserve such a fate.

Where are the feminists then? White women, how can I stand with you and fight for your rights when you refuse to even bat an eyelid when women of colour such as myself are being abused?

I can’t. But someday…. someday when it changes, I will march with you in the Woman’s parade. Until then, you can see me at the Black Lives Matter protests.